code pixies


BBC Weather

When the BBC began rebuilding their extremely popular weather site from the ground up, Code Pixies was involved from the very earliest days of development, providing technical expertise and platform experience to create, enhance and style core components which would be used by millions of visitors. These included daily and hourly forecasts, forecast maps with interactive timeline and a generic tab switching component, drawing on our skills in Javascript, OpenLayers, JQuery, HTML and CSS as well as mid-layer server development to interact with web services.

This was a particularly demanding project on the front end, requiring considerable care in the areas of accessibility, progressive enhancement and cross-browser compatibility while still delivering a modern and attractive site. The site was launched successfully and has proven very popular with its audience.


Development on an ambitious new Django project to create a highly configurable workflow management system.


We worked on key aspects of a multiplayer FPS game including rendering, low bandwidth network code, the user interface and multiplatform deployment. We also integrated several 3rd party C++ libraries with the core code written in Python.

BBC Earth

We were asked to develop the front end and mid-layer of the CMS-based Earth Science website. The first step was to extract common functionality from several similarly built sites into a core library, which simplified development and improved maintainability across all sites.

We also carried out enhancements and fixes on several other nature, history and science websites including Human Planet Explorer and Space.

Second Life Billing Engine

Linden Lab, creators of virtual world Second Life, wanted a new billing system which would enable them to flexibly integrate with a new payment provider and allow for international transactions. We worked alongside the Linden team, designing and implementing RESTful webservices and contributing our Python, Django and Linux expertise, eventually launching a stable, scalable and secure billing engine.