code pixies

About Us

We are two developers based in Haslemere, Surrey. Between us we have around 30 years of development experience and have worked on a number of projects together over the years. We started Code Pixies in 2006 while cycling around Europe.


Helen has been programming professionally for over a decade, working on projects with the BBC, Linden Lab, Mintel, IPC Media and others. She is highly experienced in both client and server side web development and also has a strong background in software and web services. She is enthusiatic about building new systems and enjoys working with highly productive technologies such as Python and Django.

Helen holds a first class degree in Mathematics and in her free time enjoys cycling, trail running, travelling and photography. Her personal website and full CV can be found at


Jim has a diverse set of experiences including front end and back end development, embedded system development and Linux administration. He is very interested in software architecture and rapid prototyping to ensure that products will meet performance requirements once they are deployed.